Clay 3D printing workshop CITA STUDIO
This workshop was a collaborative design-build exercise which was about  computational masonry and 3D printing with soft-rigid materials - in this case clay.  The aim was to explore geometries which are structurally aware ​and their associated design space, in relation to their materiality and fabrication technology.
Traditional layer-by-layer 3d printing methods was used in the task for building as high and fast as possible.    Function Representations (F-Rep) and image based technology was employed to generate digital geometries with a custom toolkit before to be translated into robotic instructions for the physical world.
Tools used:
Clay 3D printer robot.
Date: 04- 11.09.2019
Workshop Leaders: ​Federico Borello, Taole Chen, Alma Bangsgaard Svendsen, Suzi  Pain, Mikael Jackson, Jakob Sieder-Semlitsch, Gabriella Rossi, Paul Nicholas.