Robotic urban farming
Roof view
Under robotic farming
School classes
Courtyard section
The green structure
Self-sufficient city
Under the green structure
Winter situation
Program diagram
Section zoom
Section Zoom
Section Robotic farming
Section Courtyard
Radiation analysis
Radiation analysis
Design Approach
The Green Structure of Copenhagen - A green utopian conversion of the existing.
This is my final thesis master project from KADK.
Through data simulations and performance investigations, this project explores a utopian masterplan idea of what Copenhagen could look like if the city were to be self-sustainable – including urban farming and harvesting of rainwater from climate change related cloudburst situations. Applying this, creates new spatial and social possibilities that can contribute to more human value and health.
The project got published in Dezeen, MagasinetKBH and LS:N Global online magazine:
KADK online graduation exhibition: