The new hospital wing for children and pregnant women at Rigshospitalet.
This was a  winning competition that I was a part of when I worked at 3XN architects.
After winning the 2nd round of the competition, the jury wanted the project to have MORE integrated play/ game for the children. My job was to create a playful staircase in the heart of the hospital. 
It was a challenging task, because it had to emphasizes the power of play as an integral part of medical treatment, but we still wanted the kids in all ages to feel welcome from the age of 0-18.
The result was a playful shape covered up by wood lamellas. Making it look playful but still in a way to relate to all ages.

Furthermore I worked on the final presentation doing all the elevations as a combination of 3D render, Photoshop and Illustrator and 3D diagrams. 
My inner child really enjoyed doing this project, I found it fun and exciting to get into a mind of a child.
We worked in a very good collaboration with Arkitema Architects, Niras, Rosan Bosch Studio og Kirstine Jensens Tegnestue.
Børneriget won the final competition in August 2017, and will now be built in 2024.
 Renderings done by: Andrea Baresi and Alexander Andghuladze