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Den Gamle By - Competition proposal for Snøhetta
For this project we call "Tidstragten" I was so lucky to work on the competition proposal from start to end of delivery. I worked very close together with my project team members Nicolai Ramm and Jenny B. Osuldsen through the whole phase. It was very fun to do a project while working in Norway for my home country Denmark.
Den Gamle By in Århus, is an open air historical museum of the architecture throughout Denmark's history. For the historically important competition, we designed the new main entrance of the museum of 600 m2.
The new entrance is facing the conservation-worthy botanical garden of Århus, and the water and trees had to be preserved while guiding the visitors in a step less flow from a level shift of 3 meters hight differences.
The design is inspired by a funnel, which symbolize the travel in time the visitors are about to experience - moving from the horizontal opening in the garden towards the vertical opening to the museum.
The project won the first phase of the competition and made it all the way to the 3rd phase only up against 1 other company Cubo, who unfortunately won over a totally split jury who voted 50/50.
Designing this historical project was a great experience. I loved digging deep into the very construction and materials and developing a whole new type of facade element that took something from the traditional danish brick wall and made it year 2018. The 7-eleven, Danske Bank and Solconsol center, was apart of the "2014 street" on the inside of the museum.