This 1 week workshop ‘Inhabited Membranes’ asked us to consider the qualities of a textile architecture. By the given minimal membranes we explored, designed and made our own ​full scale textile spaces ​for inhabitation.
The workshop introduced us to digital form finding and dynamic relaxation techniques that allowed us to understand and design the relations between ​3-dimensional form and 2-dimensional cutting patterns​. Following the semester focus on light, we questioned the way in which membranes could filter light ​creating a sense of interior. How perforations, reinforcements and layering could support and develop both spatial quality and structural performance.
Each group got a space in the studio to fill out, connected to one another,  by the concept of “Exquisite Corps”, our piece had to end in the given circle.
Tools used:
Kangaroo 2
20 meters of a white mesh textile.
Date: September 2018