This was my 5th semester project at the Architecture School. I had to create a new department for DTU - the Techinical University of Denmark, in Esbjerg. While solely concentrating on the reading rooms for the students.
The site for the reading hall was located by my educational supervisors, on a ground where the municipality of Esbjerg already were about to build a new square concrete shopping mall. I decided to embrace what they had already built, which was a big concrete skeleton, shown as a grid in my model. Inspired by SANAA’s Rolex Learning Center I created a playful ‘parasite’ on the existing mall. A parasite can only live on the behalf of a host. Building on an existing grid my project could as well be a parasite taking over. Playing with a lot of open spaces only divided by shifts in levels and green gardens for translucent views between the students of DTU and the customers of the mall.