This 2 weeks workshop was about exploring material behaviors - bend and stretch - to achieve kinetic structures that change shape and appearance over time.
To design our kinetic membrane, we looked at hands on test like soap water and sticks, to find the shortest distance between two shapes, and explore how the curves would create the hyperbolic paraboloid shape like we also created in Rhino by using the Kiwi plugin to Grasshopper. The workshop focus was primarily on learning the Kiwi plugin to Grasshopper.
The end result was a row of spirals connected with fabric which shapes was generated from our Kiwi files. We discovered that by changing the angel of 1 rod, we got a big movement (kinetic movement) - see video below.
The workshop was held by:
Guest teachers: Julian Lienhard, Riccardo La Magna and Philipp Längst
KADK: Martin Tamke, Paul Nicolas and Daniel Lee.
Date: October 2018